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Cobblestone lanes, coastal roads, the concrete jungle, front streets and back alleys— say hi to your friend, the Boulevard commuter bike helmet! Stylish and reliable, this is a versatile commuter helmet designed for the pursuit of everyday fun. Turning your daily ride through the urban labyrinth into something to look forward to and your after-work pedal into a relaxing escape is what this helmet is made for. The Boulevard fits your head and your lifestyle with ease, allowing you to absorb all the elements and environments of your ride.

  • + LEM Tech Integrated™ EPS in-mold technology for impact energy management, durability, and lightweight feel
  • + Proprietary GelMotion® technology for enhanced management of high- and low-energy impacts, and rotational and oblique impacts
  • + Easy-to-use snap on/off visor for road and trail versatility, with reinforced socket snap
  • + Thermo-formed and washable brushed nylon inner padding
  • + 15 cooling vents to keep you comfortable and enjoying the ride
  • + Fit System: FS1 - Adult
  • + Webbing: Reflective
  • + Reflector: Yes

Sizes: Small 53-56cm, Medium 56-59cm, Large 59-62cm
Weight: 270g
Certification: CE EN1078 

Washable inner padding

Cycling can sometimes be a hot and sticky business. At other times, the weather chooses to throw all of the seasons at you in one day. The padding inside your helmet can take the brunt of all of that, getting wet, drying out, soaking up oils and sweat from your skin. Removing and washing the pads in some helmets makes them scruffy and shows up the lack of quality in the construction. Because these pads are heat-sealed, regular washing doesn’t mean they lose their shape so you can keep your helmet clean and hygienic easily and without worrying the pads won’t fit neatly back into place.

FS1 Fit System Adult

All helmets can be adjusted but not all helmet adjustment systems are equal. Most systems can only be adjusted at the rear of the helmet causing the forehead to be pushed into the front of the helmet. This is uncomfortable and can cause red marks on the forehead after a ride, maybe even a headache. The innovative FS1 Fit System uses a retention system that adjusts around the whole of your head. This reduces pressure points as all of the head is gently cradled. Because the fit is better you don’t need to ride with the helmet as tightly adjusted so no red marks and no headache. It’s secure and safe wherever your ride takes you. It fits better, it feels better – this is the helmet you don’t even notice wearing.

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